The Student Center of University of Crete in Heraklion is located in the University campus in Voutes. It operates since 2002, hosting the cultural, community social institutions or clubs and artistic groups and activities of the University of Crete and other members of the community around it.


The aims of the operation of the Student Center are:

  • to aid the cultural development throught students participation into a variety of events and the colaboration with other bodies of culture.
  • to aid and encourage the intellectual, entertainment and artistic activities of the students.
  • to support educational, cultural, syndicalism and social activities of the university members.
  • to host and organize cultural events, promoting the cultural role of the University

Student Center contact details


Voutes University campus,
Student Center
Heraklion Crete


(+30) 2810 39 4883 (Heraklion)

(+30) 28310 77719  (Rethymno)

Email (Heraklion)


Inside the student’s centre in Heraklion resides an active community that keeps the space busy all day. Inside one can find a fully equipped kitchen, an electronics laboratory, a crafts laboratory, two-well equipped studios for playing music, a radio station, a carpentry lab in the making, a dedicated space for dancing, board games, a dark room and many many more. A general assembly handles all concerning matters and maintains the established infrastructure.