The city of Rethymno is located in the north end of the prefecture, built by the sea and is a city with many faces. Rethymno, or Rithymna as it was once called, has been inhabited since the Later Minoan III period.

Nowadays, it keeps the elements inherited by its history (from antiquity up to now), preserving at the same time the characteristics of a modern city. Both elements will mesmerize you.

Rethymno, Gallos University campus

The population of the city of Rethymno is approximately 35.000 citizens, 8.000 of which are active students at the University of Crete, making the city one of the top choices for students from Greece, but also an attractive destination for incoming Erasmus students.

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Getting there

You can reach Rethymno by boat from Piraeus or by plane from Athens to Heraklion or Chania.

Rethymno Port

Apart from the all-year-long and daily connections from the 2 big ports of the island to Piraeus, during summer time direct connections to Piraeus, some islands and the mainland are scheduled.


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