Why study at the

University of Crete

since 1973…

The UoC is a contemporary educational and research Institution operating in a wide range of disciplines and fields of research with international presence and recognition. Its first faculty members, renowned scientists, who had already enjoyed international recognition, as well as the next generations, paid special attention to creating favorable conditions for the cultivation of research, both within the university and in connection with major research centres and partners. In recent years, within extremely adverse conditions at national and international level, the University of Crete has consistently held important positions in reputable international university ranking organizations. It expands its participation to new ones every year, striving to offer students a modern and creative educational environment.

Field of Study

Find your first choice, follow your dream

Τhe University of Crete offers seventeen (17) modern Undergraduate Programmes, 
all certified. Ten of these programmes are ahead in score or equal tο similar ones
among all other Greek Universities. All programmes accept international students
through inter-institutional exchange agreements and the Erasmus+ programme.

In addition, a new undergraduate studies programme has been designed especially
for international students at the Department of Medicine. For those seeking
postgraduate education, the University of Crete offers fifteen (15) distinct
postgraduate programmes in English.

Offering existing knowledge is considered just as important as producing new; for
this reason in all course curricula, there is a strong connection between teaching and

Continuation of Studies

Free of charge, first class Postgraduate Programmes

The University of Crete offers fifty four (54) Postgraduate Programs (MSc) that contribute to the promotion of knowledge and research in fields of study offered by UoC Academic Departments.

Most PMSs are free of charge. Many are inter-departmental or inter-institutional. They encourage an interdisciplinary approach of knowledge and research; they seek extroversion and profit from existing collaborations within not only the Cretan academic system but also research collaborations of faculty members with other Universities and Greek research institutes. Two of those programmes are international and are offered in collaboration with universities abroad.


Information and academic support

Information regarding each programme of study along with useful guidelines are available and easily accessible to students, if and when necessary.   Academic supervisors help students throughout their study period, offering targeted advice and support learning procedure. 

Respect for Diversity

The University respects diversity among students, recognizes the variety of needs and adopts flexible learning procedures, aided by the UoC Counseling Centre.


Pedagogical Methods

Teaching is provided with various methods and in various ways, while teaching activities have been adapted to the content and results of each academic component. 

Evaluation of Students

The evaluation system is applied for all students in a fair way.

Criteria and evaluation methods are announced well in advance and rules have a certain flexibility, if necessary. 


Evaluation of education

Assessment of quality and results of academic work done is continuous. The students’ opinion is always taken into consideration, as stated in the description of each course.


Mutual Respect

Teaching and learning are supported and mutual respect between students and Faculty is promoted. 

Specific procedures are followed in each academic department for the handling of complaints and objections, while the Student Ombudsman always mediates between students and the Acad. Dept. or student services in general. 


The University on your side

Modern Greek language courses

The University of Crete offers Modern Greek language courses throughout the year: 

The fall and spring semester courses are intended mainly for the incoming students of the University under the Erasmus programme, and academic visitors. In Rethymno campus, Greek language courses are also available to everyone who wishes to learn the language.

The Modern Greek summer courses are open to people from around the world, who wish to learn the language within its cultural context. The courses are particularly popular among members of the Greek communities abroad, especially young ones, who wish to strengthen their ties with Greece.

They are held in Rethymno, offered by the Faculty of Philosophy for fall and spring semesters as well as by the Department of Philology/Laboratory of Linguistics for the summer period. In Heraklion, they are coordinated by the International Relations Department through the Erasmus+ programme.


With the support of the European Commission through the Erasmus+ Programme, the University of Crete has over 500 exchange places for students from partner universities across Europe and internationally.  

Apart from the Erasmus+ programme there are other opportunities for students, through specific educational and exchange agreements for studies and internships for laboratory and clinical clerkships.

Student Life 

The UoC student population is a very active one, with thousands of different activities to be organized by student societies and cultural groups.

Θεατρική ομάδα Πανεπιστημίου Κρήτης

Student Centre - Rethymno

The Student Centre of the University of Crete in Rethymno Campus, hosts seven out of the nine student cultural groups: Painting, Theatre, Cinema, Cinematography etc.  

The Music Society studio as well as the Volunteer Blood Donors Society are housed on Campus.

Student Centre – Heraklion

A place where UoC students entertaining, social and artistic activities are hosted, academic ceremonies of University members as well as various actions of other cultural and scientific societies. The Heraklion student center hosts about twenty groups of various artistic areas, including dancing, music, theatre, painting, cinema, photography, radio, alternative practical traineeships, chess, astronomy, volunteer blood donation. Free of charge classes are offered to all students and volunteer social activities are organized, by students, faculty staff and local people.


University Sports Centre in Rethymno

Situated in the western part of Gallos Campus, it offers UoC students and staff the opportunity of free of charge training, within a friendly environment. There is a fully equipped Fitness Hall, for cardio- respiratory and strengthening exercise.

University Sports Centre in Heraklion

It operates since 2007and includes a full athletic centre, with an indoors court of 1080 seats and a 25m long indoor swimming pοol, with 5 lanes. A regular size football court in the area of Agios Ioannis is also available to all students.


Βιβλιοθήκη Ρεθύμνου
Βιβλιοθήκη Ηρακλείου

The UoC Library and Information Center is a single service, which supports educational and teaching activities not only of the Institution but also of the wider academic community. Being a member of the national and international library network, it participates in European development programmes. Two modern buildings, in Rethymno and Heraklion, host a constantly enriched material, including several thousand significant both Greek and International Magazines, as well as half a million books, records and every available source of information, printed or digital. 

The Library focuses on training users towards the best possible use of materials and is easily accessible to people with special needs.